Paris Jackson has refuted claims that her father Michael Jackson assaulted children, in a never-before-seen interview.

The late star’s daughter dismissed the abuse allegations as “lies”, and said her father is “innocent”.

The interview, which took place in 2012 when Paris was 14, was posted online to the Jacksonology TV YouTube channel.

Interviewed by Sonia Lowe, Paris said the allegations against her father about molesting children are “lies” and that her father is “innocent”.

“He told us there were a lot of bad people out there, and he told us a little bit about the conspiracies.”

“The older we got, the more we kind of figured things out”

The model and singer added: “I will always defend him.”

“A lot of people didn’t really understand him.

“He's innocent.

“He’s just like, he’s innocent and a sweetheart”. Paris Jackson reminisced fondly about her father, struggling to pick a highlight of her time with him.

“A favourite memory of my dad, that is pretty hard? We had a lot. There would be a lot in Bahrain where we would hang out on the roof, or in Ireland just walking through the forest – which was fun,’” she said.

The now 22-year-old said her father was happiest when he was not himself.

“I would probably say he was happiest when he was in disguise.

“Like, we went to Disneyland several times, we would be in disguise and he could be normal – there would be no one bothering him.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.