As international borders are beginning to reopen, traveling in a post-Covid world is going to be very different.

Around the globe, each country has different regulations as Covid outbreaks continue to happen to varying degrees.

Considering all the obstacles travellers face, the airlines have united to back a project that will ensure safe and easy travel for everyone.

In partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airlines from around the world, including Qantas, have helped develop a digital pass to align with Covid regulations no matter what your destination is.

Qantas chief customer officer Stephanie Tully said the airline was determined to “hold the hand” of their customers from the moment they book their flight.

Ms Tully said Qantas planned to “help our customers every step of the way”, as she showed prototypes of the app and travel pass.

Image credits: International Air Transport Association 

“No one should be turning up at the airport without knowing exactly what they needed to have done to get on the flight,” she added.

“We’ve developed some technology, some world-first technology, that will help us virtually hand hold our customers through the flight.”

Ms Tully said as soon as passengers book their flight, Qantas will start sending texts and app alerts about the latest government and travel requirements.

“Where it becomes particularly important is seven days out from a flight, that’s when you need to start doing a few things … so depending on the requirement of the destination, at seven days out we will contact customers so they know what to do in the lead up to travel … we’ll provide a checklist via SMS and email of exactly what customers need to do,” she said.

“Four days out, again we’ll SMS all customers because at that point you’ll need a PCR test, so we’re making sure our customers know that they need to do that and where they can do that.”

If customers book through, they will also be eligible for a discount on their PCR test.

The airline will also send customers alerts closer to their travel date, reminding travellers of any requirements they need to present before boarding their flight.

As the IATA app comes online, the process will become even more streamlined, as it will sync a passenger’s vaccination status and negative test results with the airline system.

The IATA app will come online in December at the latest.

Ms Tully said that as the current Covid situation continues to change, Qantas wants their customers to know they’re in safe hands.

“The world of post-Covid travel will continually evolve over the next 12 months, so our job at Qantas is to help our customers through those changes.”

Check out the IATA Travel App announcement here:

Image credits: Shutterstock / IATA

This article first appeared on Over60.