The Prince of Wales is not the most popular royal member, and season four of The Crown has only plummeted his approval rating even further.

While popular with only 47 per cent of Briton, Prince William and Her Majesty sits at 73 per cent.

The duchess of Cornwall is liked by only 34 per cent of the population.

Charles has the Netflix series, The Crown, to thank for that – a program watched by more viewers than William’s 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton.

The current season portrays him as emotionally abusive toward his now-deceased ex-wife, Princess Diana.

The wave of backlash against the 72-year-old heir has been so intense that the pair have disabled comments on their official Clarence House Instagram account.

There have also been demands for the royal to stand down as the next King of England.

“Charles experienced extreme hate when his affair with Camilla was outed, and when Diana was killed – but it was never as bad as this,” a source for Woman’s Day said.

“The public is reliving those moments now – though obviously in a dramatised way – only this time everyone has a social media account through which to spout their vitriol.

“Clarence House is scrambling to contain it, but not many of his PR flunkies truly believe his reputation can recover from this.”

There are rumours that The Queen may give in to demands to have Prince Charles step down.

“For the Queen, the monarchy comes above all else – even her own son,” says an insider.

“At the rate things are going with everyone turning on Charles, Prince Andrew in hot water for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Harry leaving the family, she feels she can really only trust leaving her empire in Prince William’s hands.

“He and Catherine have proved themselves to be a steady ship time and time again.”

“At 94, the Queen should be enjoying her twilight years. Instead, the spectre of her son’s failed marriage is back to bite them all.

“It’s going to be huge if one of her final acts is to cast Charles and Camilla aside and declare that the crown will go to William.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.