Not too many people are a fan of long-haul flights. Being cramped in your seat and unable to stretch can be frustrating, especially if you’re only 6 hours into an 18-hour flight.

Qantas have asked customers what they want to see on direct flights from the east coast of Australia to New York and London. These are journeys’ the airline is hoping to pull off by 2022.

The main suggestions from customers were:

  • Exercise areas: To allow passengers to stretch their legs mid-flight
  • Getting zen: Which would involve virtual reality experiences on board as well as audio mindfulness available when in their seats
  • Better headphones: Specifically, noise cancelling headphones to block out loud sounds during a flight.
  • A café on board: So passengers don’t have to wait until their next meal is served

CEO of Qantas International Alison Webster has said that the airline has listened to the feedback and will try to get some of the suggestions in place by 2022. He told

“Our job now is to determine where the most demand is and create this cabin in a way that makes it both affordable for customers and commercially viable for the airline,” Ms Webster said.

“Everything is on the table and we are excited about what innovations may come from this research.”

What’s something you’d like to see on a long-haul flight?

This article originally appeared on Over60.