A children’s ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show has been shut down shortly after photos emerged of a child “unrestrained” on the ‘Free Fall’.

On Sunday, a photo was taken by a bystander and posted online of children on the “thrill seeker” ride. They all appeared to be secured by a harness, except for a four-year-old boy sitting on the right side of the ride.

His harness wasn’t secured and he was unrestrained. The boy’s mother said the ride was about to be launched before onlookers yelled to alert staff of the danger.

“The (operator) girl stopped the ride but didn’t get out of her booth so another father ended up getting him to climb down to him,” Sky Boustani Curtis told the Daily Telegraph.

“Myself and my husband were not tall enough to reach him.

“It’s hard to tell how he is doing as he has autism.

“He’s 4yrs old. They simply did not pull his harness down didn’t check him.”

Another witness said operators were unaware the child was unrestrained in the moments before the ride was to be launched. “They hit emergency stop but it seems like the operator couldn’t bring the ride down and the (someone) actually had to come up there and have his son jump into his arms,” Eva Levy told the Daily Telegraph.

Image: Facebook

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