Did you know there’s a secret handrail below the overhead locker? Or a hole in the window that could save your life?

According to Conde Nast Traveller, most planes built in the past fifteen years feature a handrail just under the overhead lockers.

Next time you see a member of cabin crew running their hand along the overhead compartment, they’re more than likely trying to steady themselves on the hidden handrail.

Another hidden feature is the “secret” button that allows you to lift the armrest on the aisle.

Underneath the armrest, you’ll find a button close to the hinge. Once pressed, the armrest can move upwards, giving you more room.

It was originally designed as a safety measure to let people escape emergencies quickly. It’s also used by crew to help passengers with disabilities to get in and out of their seats.

Last but not least, there’s tiny yellow hooks built onto the planes’ wings that are used to tie a rope to the aircraft door and the inflatable slide so passengers can hold onto it as they leave during an emergency exit.

Another life saver is the minuscule holes in the window. They reduce the pressure on the middle window pane, so that the outer pane takes the force of the cabin pressure.

Article created in partnership with Over60