Setting Sail: How to pick the perfect cruise

The rise of popularity of cruises means that there is now a good option to suit any type of cruise holiday, in pretty much any location you can imagine. So, with that much choice, how do you pick the best cruise for you?

Plan in place
Cruise prices vary dramatically - they can be anything from under a hundred dollars to many thousands per night. You may want to reward yourself or celebrate a special occasion and spend a little extra, or perhaps you just need some well-deserved time away on a realistic budget. Set an amount you’re willing to spend and how long you can manage to away for and then start investigating options. Planning a cruise can be part of the fun!

Cruisey options
Is your goal to simply put your feet up, relax and enjoy some great food and wine? Or are you looking for your next big action adventure? Some cruise companies such as the Holland America are very traditional and offer classy events such as classic afternoon tea’s and ballroom dancing. Other cruise companies such as P&O offer active activities like high rope swings, laser tag, slack lines, Segway options and more. Ensure you investigate special activities offered on board before booking to find a cruise option to suit you.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a cruise is the ports you’ll be experiencing. Be aware that not all itineraries are guaranteed as unforeseen circumstances such as weather can prevent a ships ability to get to a port. To ensure you are covered pick a cruise with a variety of destinations you’ll be happy to visit.

All inclusive
Cruises are either all-inclusive, part-inclusive or pay as you go. Often food is included however, alcohol usually isn’t. Getting into the habit of a morning walk after a buffet breakfast means you can enjoy the fresh air and not feel guilty about having some extra bacon. Most cruises also provide a ship credit card which is linked to your bank account to pay for expenses on board. There is an option to put a daily limit on your card so you don’t overspend. It can be a lot of fun to enjoy buffet style food and an option of different restaurants and never have to reach for your wallet.

Go cruising
There are options galore! Cruises can go from anything from three days to many months. If you haven’t been on a cruise before try a couple of weeks at sea first off. It is a great excuse to enjoy a longer cruise next time.

Have you been on a cruise?
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