Take a walking holiday on glorious Maria Island

Once in a while Mother Nature really outdoes herself in creating places of extraordinary beauty and grandeur. When these places also offer the opportunity for the traveller to immerse themselves completely in the heart and soul of that beauty, it becomes a transcendent experience. Such a place exists just off the east coast of Tasmania on world heritage listed Maria Island. 

A carefully structured walking tour

This idyllic gem is best appreciated on the professionally run Maria Island Walk, which operates between October and May and takes groups of 10 on a well-planned and paced four day and three night discovery journey. The walk covers between 4 and 17 kilometres per day and is relatively gentle, so while you don’t need to be a hiking addict, it will help to be of reasonable fitness to fully enjoy the experience.

The tour begins with a boat transfer from the mainland, which arrives on the pristine white sands of Shoal bay on the south western end of the island. It’s a stunning introduction to a journey that will gradually unfold the natural wonders and vivid colonial history that is so richly present.

After exploring the island’s southern end on day one, the route then hugs the western coast of the island on day two, giving you breathtaking vistas of crystal blue waters, beaches of remote beauty and dramatic cliffs that thrust up into the verdant, rolling landscape. On the third day you carve a path into the ancient forested heart of the island’s northern end, where the more able bodied can take an optional detour to scale the slopes of Mount Maria for a view that has to be seen to be believed.

Comfort and indulgence all the way

Against the backdrop of this unique environment, the creature comforts are all well catered for. Accommodation includes two nights at luxury permanent campsites and one night in the historically elegant Bernacchi House. The expert guides who are so passionate about the island’s heritage are also skilled at preparing gourmet meals that showcase the best of Tasmania’s famous food and wine culture.

The haunting allure of Maria Island is ready to reward the willing walker with the experience of a lifetime.

For full information and bookings visit mariaislandwalk.com.au

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