Aussie travellers better save up a bit more when they’re heading over to Bali. As it turns out, the Bali government has had enough of tourists coming over and have drafted a bylaw that would make foreign tourists pay a levy to visit the island.

The funds generated would be used to fund projects to protect the environment as well as go into Balinese cultural preservation, according to the Jakarta Post.

As Bali welcomed 5.7 million foreign tourists in 2017, and numbers set to increase, the country feels like they need to do something to offset the amount of waste that’s produced daily.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster says that the regulation will help Bali.

“This will give us better fiscal space to support the development of Bali,” Governor Koster shared.

“Tourists will understand [the regulation]. They will be happy to pay it as it will be used to strengthen our environment and culture.”

Although the levy is still under discussion, Koster says that the waste is a problem that needs to be addressed.

“Most foreigners come to Bali for a holiday, local tourists only come to visit their family, have meetings or for their institution’s events,” he explained.

Bylaws have support from the head of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants association. However, their support comes with conditions.

“As long as the levy is used for preserving environment and culture, I think it would not cause a decline in tourist numbers,” Ida Bagus Purwa Sidemen said.

“However, if there is no real program following the implementation of the bylaw, tourists may feel disappointed and it would lead to a decrease in tourist arrivals.”

Are you happy to pay a ‘foreign visitor’ tax more if it helps out the Balinese environment? Let us know in the comments.