There are plenty of items that you can take with you overseas, provided they’re in your checked luggage and not your carry-on.

Bottles of alcohol, aerosol cans, corkscrews with blades and sporting equipment are just a few of the things you can transport overseas in your checked luggage. But before you do, keep in mind that each country has their own rules and regulations.

For example, the United States doesn’t allow sharp knitting needles.

So, what is permitted in carry-on? And what is a complete no-go?

Items allowed in your carry-on

There are a few items that you can travel with in your carry-on that are restricted in your checked luggage.

For example, lithium batteries that are usually found in smartphones, cameras and laptops are considered a fire hazard. So, you would want to keep them in your carry-on bags rather than your suitcase.

Other items that you can pack in your carry-on but not your check-in luggage are electric skateboards, cordless curling irons, e-cigarettes and snow globes as long as the liquid inside is less than 100ml.

Items that are completely banned

When travelling, don’t even think about taking any of these items with you, because chances are, you’ll be stopped before you get the chance to board.

CO2 cartridges are definitely not allowed, so if you ride a bike, you’ll need to carry a pump for your tyres instead.

Other items that are banned are chlorine, bleach and fertilisers due to the ammonium nitrate that are present in some brands.

The most bizarre item of all is probably a coconut, which is also classified as a fire hazard, so don’t try and smuggle it in either your carry-on or your check-in luggage.

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Republished with permission of Over60.