A simple packing trick for cruise ship passengers has come to the surface – and it is amazing.  

Cruise lines often have generous luggage limitations, meaning travellers can be a little generous with their packing.  

However, if cruisers are flying abroad to jump on a vessel, they will need to stick to strict baggage limitations on board. 

Supercruiser experts told “While laundry service is available on most cruise ships, this is the most expensive option on board.

“Although you might not want to spend your time on the ship doing laundry, this is a far more affordable alternative and doesn’t take too long. 

“The onboard laundromat costs just a few dollars per load and knowing that laundry is available on the ship can help stop you from overpacking.” 

Utilising this handy tip could save you in more ways than one.

This article originally appeared on Over60.