10 must-see cities of the world Champs-Élysées, Paris

Ask any group of travellers to nominate their top 10 cities and it may provoke some lively debate! Each person will have their own favourites, but for what it’s worth, here are our top 10 and the reason why we love them.

New York City
The big apple is a cosmopolitan metropolis without equal. The imposing skyline, central park, Broadway shows, the Guggenheim Museum, Time Square – it’s a bustling kaleidoscope that will leave you breathless.

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Rio de Janeiro
The carnival city wraps majestically around the monolithic Sugarloaf Mountain and under the commanding gaze of Christ the Redeemer statue. Apart from the iconic drawcards like Copacabana beach, it also holds lesser known wonders such as Jardim Botânico - one of the world’s great botanical gardens.

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The living history that pervades this grand old city is juxtaposed with a progressive, modern energy, making it an invigorating travel experience. Museums, cathedrals, markets, classic architecture – London is still swinging!

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The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence still oozes a staggering concentration of art and architecture that will overwhelm the eye and enchant the soul.
The Tuscan cuisine is a delicious bonus too.

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The classic city of love, style and sophistication; Paris holds a romance that no other can match. Be captivated by the marvels of its museums, galleries and monuments and be seduced by the rich atmosphere of its cafes, restaurants, streets and parks.

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Be prepared to be overawed by the sheer scale of China's capital. The historical wonders of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall will astound you and the richness of its cultural sites, superb food and natural beauty will thrill you. 

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Visit this vibrant megacity and it will change you forever. It is an intense experience ranging from its passion for technology, shopping, markets and dazzling nightlife, to the serenity of its shrines, museums and gardens.

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The ancient crossroads of eastern and western culture has always held a mystical attraction for any globetrotter. Be intoxicated by the grandeur of the massive mosques, the buzz of the Grand Bazaar and the beauty of its natural setting at the gateway to the Black Sea.

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San Francisco
Best known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and magnificent natural harbour, San Francisco offers an eclectic taste of American culture in its renowned cuisine, architecture and lifestyle. Be inspired by its beauty and spirit and you’ll want to come back for more.

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The jewel of Eastern Europe, Prague is a gorgeous and enchanting city that radiates history from the postcard-perfect castles, cathedrals, bridges and beautifully preserved historical precinct. It is equally well known for its progressive personality that gives a distinctly vivacious vibe.

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