A woman was taken off the plane and directly into custody after she faked an illness in an attempt to get a better seat. 

Within an hour of take-off, a woman was complaining and asking for a bigger seat.

However, when airline employees said that they could not offer her a bigger seat, the woman became ill.

The pilot rerouted the plane due to the claims of illness, but after landing, employees quickly realised that the woman was faking.

Once the woman refused to deplane, police were called.

The woman agreed to get off the plane after conversations with police and the flight captain.

The woman was taken to a mental health facility after her comments to officials due to the Baker Act. This is a law in Florida that allows officials to detain people who might be impaired due to mental illness.

Pensacola Police Department Public Information Officer Mike Wood told CNN:

The woman, who is not being named by police because she was taken into custody under the Baker Act, has not yet been charged but criminal charges could be filed.

This article originally appeared on Over60.