Fan favourite British chef Gordon Ramsay surprised viewers by returning to MasterChef: Back to Win via video link.

He called in from the UK to set the Mystery Box challenge on Monday night and opened up his fridge to show contestants what they would be cooking with.

Ramsay was thrilled with the top four chefs, who were Emelia, Callum, Reynold and Laura.

“First of all, congratulations to all of you. Seriously, congratulations. I've been watching each and every one of you from the beginning. This journey has been incredible,” he said candidly.

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However, fans were more concerned with the amount of mini plastic Evian bottles Ramsay had in his fridge. 

Fans were unimpressed with the amount of plastic in the chef's fridge and went on social media to blast Ramsay.

Emelia's pastry ended up taking the lead and fast-tracked her to semi-finals.

Despite Callum's dessert being full of conflicting flavours, Reynold's chawanmushi and Laura's fish and vegetables, these impressive dishes were no match for the intricate pastry put forward by Emelia.

After her win was announced, she told the camera:

“I have been so intimidated throughout this entire competition. And to think that I am in the semi-final, I never pictured this as a reality, ever.”

Speaking to the Herald Sun on Saturday, 31-year-old Emelia revealed how “overwhelming” her second shot at MasterChef had been.

“The physical feeling (of being on the show) is like when you are on a rollercoaster and you get to the top and you have that split half-second before you have that big drop where you freak out and regret everything,” Emelia said.

She added: “That is the feeling of it, this overwhelming, massive adrenaline rush. It really is like a cauldron, the pressure is on, everything is bubbling away.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.