Where are the safest countries to travel?

Did you know Australia is ranked as the 13th safest country in the world?

The World Economic Forum recently released its Travel and Tourism Report for 2015 rating the safety of travelling to 141 countries worldwide. Tourism creates a massive 277 million jobs around the world and is growing rapidly so keeping you safe is important for everyone.

Travel safely
It turns out the safest destination in the world is Finland and the most dangerous is Nigeria. Australia comes in at 13th safest and that puts us in front of all those Nordic hotbeds of crime, Norway in 18th and Sweden in 19th. Perhaps all those Scandi crime books are onto something? Japan coming in at 22nd is a bit of a surprise.

Close to home, New Zealand comes in at 7th and Indonesia ranks as the 83rd. There are few surprises in the best 20 and it is good to see countries that love Australian visitors such as Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland and Finland there. France and the UK are 62 and 63 respectively, between Italy at 48 and the US at 73.

Be careful
The list of the most dangerous countries has a few surprises. Most of them aren’t high on most of our bucket list's but some may be. Thailand, India and the Philippines are all listed yet many Australians visit these countries without incident.

Perhaps that puts it all in perspective. Nowhere is risk free. Anywhere can be dangerous, including Australia, so its up to you, at least in part. Take this into consideration but also do your homework on where you should and shouldn’t go. After all, the most dangerous part of the safest country may be riskier than the safest place in the most dangerous country.

Above all, travel safely.


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