Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of cruising or a beginner – deciding to set sail may be a better option to lean towards over resort holidays as they can offer more for much less.

If you’re wondering where to go on your next dreamy escape, a cruise or a resort stay might both be contenders for you and your partner, and your family.

But stick around to see just why you might prefer a cruise getaway over a holiday in a pricey resort. 

Affordable prices

One thing a cruise comes out trumps on versus a resort hotel are the endless options that come at an extremely affordable price.

While most holidays on an island come at a hefty price, a quick seascape on a dream boat can come at a reasonable price if you know where to look.

The cheapest cruise line prices start at $549 and take you to islands you’ve never been to before.

The best part about these all-inclusive trips is they mean exactly that. Ship line incentives include all you can eat buffets, 24-hour food service and endless activities to choose from.

So, if you’re a TV or movie junkie who can’t seem to hit pause for a bite to eat, you can take a stroll to the 24-hour food stands and carry your meal to the movie rooms most cruise ships offer onboard.

If you enjoy eating whenever hunger strikes and playing sports during the day, then you’re in luck. Food delivery is always available during the night and most sports grounds are always open for you to hang around.

Either way – everything you could want on an all-expenses-paid trip is right at your fingertips when you set sail.

Something fun for everyone

Whether you’re a sports fan, a water lover, movie fanatic or someone who seeks serenity and quiet – a cruise has something for everyone.

Relax by the spa while a friendly waiter brings your requested beverage without you having to lift a finger or step foot on the ground.

If you decide to bring along younger family members, let them relax at the kids’ zone where they can meet other people their age.

Cruises offer experiences that make a guest feel pampered and spoilt and if that’s what you’re after then jump on board.

There is fun for everyone to enjoy.

Ocean views – every day

The endless ocean views that go on for miles and miles will never quite compare to any other sight you might see after you walk onto the deck and welcoming atmosphere of a cruise.

With calming, crashing waves, blue that goes beyond your eyesight, and sunsets and sunrises that can make you swoon – it’s not hard to see why you’d choose a cruise as your next getaway option.

Would you like to go on a cruise? Or have you already been on one? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.