Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to face a damning anti-monarch protest while in Jamaica.

While on their eight-day tour of the Caribbean, a demonstration has been planned to be staged near the British High Commission in Kingston.

The protest is to reinforce claims of Jamaican locals who believe the Queen has  “perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in history”.

It will be the second protest the royal couple have faced on their trip, as their first major engagement in Belize had to be cancelled over a protest about Indigenous rights, where campaigners spoke of the royal tour’s “colonial overtones”.

The protest in Jamaica, organised by the Advocates Network, a human rights coalition of activists and equalities organisations, will call for an apology and compensation from the crown in keeping with Jamaica’s upcoming 60th anniversary of independence.

Co-organiser Nora Blake told The Independent, “It is important as we turn 60 years old as an independent nation that we stand as ‘adults’ on solid ethical, moral and human justice grounds to say to Britain, who was once our ‘parent’, that you have done wrong in enriching yourselves off of chattel slavery and colonialism.”

“Morally this requires an apology, and it is only just that reparations be made. Many precedents have been set for this.”

“Today we are setting the conversation of our future generations, for them to have something to build a brighter future.”

The protest continues the conversation for many island nations to consider following in the recent steps of Barbados and severing ties the British monarchy.

Many Commonwealth nations have indicated it is time to end the long history of association with Britain as a colonial power.

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