Butter is a staple of many kitchens and dining tables around the world – but it is mostly seen as a complementary item rather than the main highlight.

Bella La Crema is looking to change that view.

Located in the Colorado town of Lyons, it is the world’s first butter bar with a menu full of homemade churned-dairy delights. Diners can enjoy savoury options such as the herbs de Provence-infused French Countryside as well as sweet concoctions like the chocolate, coffee and cinnamon-laden Mayan Chocolate Muse.

The flights of flavoured butters – which are served with warm baguettes – are made with grass-fed, organic and non-homogenised cream with in-house culturing and churning. The bar also marks each new season or holiday by launching a new butter. 

Owner and operator Shauna Lee Strecker said she wanted to “make butter beautiful again”.

She told Food&Wine, “Butter had been ruined, in my opinion … People were just using it as a throw-aside condiment, much like ketchup or mustard. Most of the store-bought butter is ridiculous – it’s crap. That’s why I decided to make butter beautiful again.”

Looking to eat something heavier? The bistro-bar also offers an assortment of dishes, from salads to burgers and bisques.

This article originally appeared on Over60.