Fun hobbies: We go behind the camera lens with Kevin Bunt

After retiring, Kevin Bunt moved to Living Choice Broadwater Court on the beautiful Central Coast in New South Wales, where he still resides and where he discovered a talent and passion for photography. His dedication to his ‘hobby’ has led to an impressive six books, several DVDs, recognition by the Gosford City Council, publication of his photos in the local newspaper and the Living Choice’s newsletter.

However, Kevin, who lives in a beautiful apartment at Waterfront Estate with his wife Janita, insists he is “still learning”.

Finally, time for me!
With time to finally pursue his passion, Kevin bought himself a camera and started taking photos. His friend, Brian Garner, a watercolour artist and photographer from Adelaide, suggested he upgrade his camera. Armed with a Lumix FZ40, Kevin enrolled in a course with renowned Central Coast photographer, Ken Duncan.

Ken Duncan explains a photo he took in the high country

It is no surprise that Kevin’s creative flair has expressed itself in photography. With dreams of being an architect, Kevin became a technical artist and pattern grader for Janzen’s Swimwear, then Miller Shirt Company and Vag Shirts - a career that took him to many countries. He also designed and built four homes.

Kevin published his first book Our Beautiful Central Coast in early 2013, followed by Australian Waterways, Colour, Colour, Colour & More Colour, The Waratahs at Warah Trig, Countryside of England & Cornwall and Our Mediterranean Cruise & Italy.

Kevin -with -his -Photo -Books --DVD's
Kevin with his impressive array of photographic books and DVDs

Seeking inspiration from nature
Kevin says he loves capturing reflections in his photographs. So he chooses the early mornings and late afternoons to capture the best light for his images which are proudly hung throughout their spacious apartment. “It’s great as we can use our home as a gallery and change the photos around,” says Janita, his proud wife of 51 years.

A spectacular photo Kevin took of the sunrise over Broadwater

Sharing his passion with the grandkids
A selection of Kevin’s best photos were chosen for display at the Kincumber Library during a Seniors’ Week Photo Competition and in a Gosford City Council competition. Two of these were selected for an exhibition at the Regional Gallery. Most pleasing to Kevin, however, is that his grandsons, aged 14 and 16, have been inspired by his passion and have also taken up photography.

Kevin -bunt -paintingBrain Garner, a watercolour artist from Adelaide, painted this gorgeous picture from one of Kevin’s stunning photos

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