See food guru Maggie Beer live and more at The Future of Ageing convention 14-15th March in Sydney.

 Looking for inspiration? The Future of Ageing is an ‘unconventional convention’ taking place 14-15 March 2016 at NIDA in Sydney

It is the Arts Health Institute’s 3rd National Play Up Convention, back by popular demand to reinvigorate thinking and turn ageism on its head. More than 40 of the nation’s finest innovators are sharing their view of the future, with bold ideas and surprising findings. Looking for inspiration? The Future of Ageing is an ‘unconventional convention’ taking place 14-15 March 2016 at NIDA in Sydney.

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Maggie Beer is sharing her love of food and passion for healthy, delicious and nutritious food in aged care

Beloved food guru Maggie Beer is a highlight: She will be sharing her own journey of food and passion for it to nourish us throughout all our life: Hands up who wants better food in aged care? We do too! If you want an insight into the future of ageing, take your place at The Future of Ageing (with special savings for anyone who is 70+).

Creating change through creative thinking: The beauty of the arts is that, through creative thinking, problems can be solved differently. This convention is quite experiential with audience interaction and an array of workshops including life drawing of the older body with the National Art School and leadership workshops for aged care professionals to flex their emotional intelligence to build a high performing, playful and engaged workforce.

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Eileen Kramer, aged 101, is an unstoppable dancer, choreographer and artist

Take a dance class from a Eileen Kramer aged 101: Eileen is an unstoppable dancer, choreographer and artist who says, at the age of 101, that she is not old. She has just been on the planet for a long time. Experience a refreshing take on ageing from this wonderful dancer who will conduct her Dance 101 movement workshop and also be on stage in her latest production Early Ones at The Future of Ageing convention. With her first 100 years out of the way, this creative powerhouse says she feels liberated.

Eileen's dance workshop will help you feel in the moment and move with the music, to improvise and feel truly beautiful

This is a serious convention, delivered differently: Where aged care leaders, artists, policy makers, researchers, tech developers and anyone interested in ageing and ageing well, bring their big ideas to the table with a shared purpose to forge positive change.

Learn how to make goals achievable and fulfil your dreams

Challenging conventional thinking: We constantly hear of the current inadequacies of aged care services, which perpetuate the fear and anxiety of what to expect as each progressive birthday nudges us “over the hill”. The Future of Ageing challenges conventional thinking that “it is all downhill from here” and celebrates life as we age. It inspires workers in aged services to expand their role from ‘carer’ to ‘enabler’, where they support elders to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

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Let's celebrate life as we age

Motivation and meeting goals: Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low will present her work on “motivation, goals and the power of belief” with new thinking in aged care; where there are the conversations on needs, hopes and dreams and planning to make them achievable.

Social tech is interwoven with a modern take on travel: Pop-up experiences of virtual reality travel where you can visit Paris, Iceland and a variety of exotic locations from the comfort of your own armchair. See how futuristic digital companions can reduce the loneliness and isolation felt in our older population. The case for better care in hospitals for people with dementia is also raised.

Sociologist and activist Patricia Edgar is determined to stamp out ageism

A funny new take on an ‘old’ idea: The Big Debate, moderated by stand up comedian Alan Glover, includes the audience for a lively panel session searching for system changes. Patricia Edgar, a sociologist and activist is determined to stamp out ageism with a humour snapshot of life past 70.

What’s unique about this convention is the extraordinary mix of participants, who are all there for the one reason: to quench a thirst for different thinking around how to approach ageing.

Now is the time to be bold and create change

The Arts Health Institute’s CEO, Dr Maggie Haertsch welcomes people from all walks of life, saying, “This is such an important convention, so the more people who attend the better as we are facing a critical challenge with Australia's rapidly ageing population and serious questions around quality of life for elders. Now is the time to be bold and create change. Together we can reshape our attitudes to ageing and provide creative solutions for a better experience of ageing and aged care.”

Special half price offer for those aged 70+

Special WYZA offer: Dr Haertsch is making a limited number of places very affordable for those aged 70+ to attend this amazing and thought provoking unconventional convention.

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With a vast array of speakers and workshop facilitators running sessions throughout NIDA’s rehearsal and theatre spaces, it is a creative journey with most valuable outcomes.

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