One of the most common business questions asked by subscribers to WYZA is 'HOW do I start a business' – it is an understandable question if you've never done it.

Actually, the how of starting a business isn't that complicated. Sure, there is a lot of work to do, however anyone is capable of doing that work and starting a business. A prior question to ask if you'd like to start a business is WHY.

I have a passion for helping mature individuals start their first business in their 40's and beyond. It is both my mission and my goal. It is the WHY I started my business.

The reasons you should ask WHY is that the answers to this are what will drive you to persevere through the day to day of running a business, through the challenges you'll inevitably face and ultimately why you will be successful.

There is more to the word WHY than you might expect, because there are several levels of why that you need to consider. Here are key areas to look at:

  1. What is your why? What idea do you have for the business, and why are you passionate about starting your own business to deliver that idea to your customers.
  2. Why are you different? Why do you think people would consider your idea or business over the competitors who offer something similar?
  3. What about your customers WHY? Why would customers value your idea and why will they pay you money for it? Ideally this is checked by research.

I encourage you to consider these WHY questions and to have a real answer to them before you worry about HOW to start a business.

Having said that, in the very near future I am going to cover off how in the next article. In the meantime, here's some thinking music…

And please enjoy your exploration of WHY.


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