Hedda Gabler - Belvoir

A captivating new adaptation of Ibsen’s complex and confronting portrait of a marriage, Hedda Gabler is headline act at Belvoir this month.

Hedda Gabler, adapted and directed by Adena Jacobs from the play by Henrik Ibsen, won rave reviews after its original premiere in 1902 and is still thrilling audiences across the world.

The tragic heroine, Hedda Gabler is trapped inside a conventional life: she married the scholar George Tesman. But money is short, Tesman’s old rival Ejlert Lövborg has turned up again, Judge Brack is visiting with alarming regularity, and Hedda Gabler’s smouldering boredom is reaching its peak.

Resident Belvoir Director Adena Jacobs has pefectly captured the spirit of the original script, while managing to add fresh, modern layers to this complex work.

The cast includes iconic Australian stage actors Lynette Curran and Marcus Graham.

Tickets: Prices range from $48 to $68

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Image credit: www.belvoir.com.au