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Ezicover® Income Protection

Can help ease the financial strain caused by an injury or sickness by providing monthly payments of up to 75% of your pre-disability income (up to $12,000 per month) for up to 5 years if you are unable to work in any occupation due to sickness or injury for longer than the waiting period.

  • You can choose to use the monthly payments however you wish, it is there for you and your family to cover everyday expenses, bills and commitments while you are recovering. Specific terms of cover available for homemakers or people working less than 20 hours per week (Essentials cover*), or people with health restrictions (Injury only cover).
  • The monthly benefit can be paid for up to 5 years while you remain disabled.

Benefits and features+:


Available to Australian citizens or those holding permanent resident status of Australia, who are residing in Australia on a permanent basis, aged from 19 – 60.

Cover amount

Cover up to 75% of pre-disability income (to a maximum of $12,000 per month).

Benefits are adjusted for any applicable offsets such as paid leave, worker's compensation and other income insurances (not applicable with Essentials cover*).

Return to work benefit

A $500 Return to work benefit, to help with extra expenses when your claim ends (not applicable with Essentials cover*).

Cover that meets your changing needs

If you experience financial hardship, you can request to reduce your sum insured and pay lower premiums for a period of time with the Reducing income feature (not applicable with Essentials cover*), or you can request to put your cover on hold for a period of time with the Premium holiday feature.

No medical examination required

First month's cover free on acceptance

Discount for existing Ezicover Life Insurance customers

Get 5% discount if you also have an Ezicover Life Insurance policy.

Tax deductible premium

Generally, the premiums you pay for your policy can be claimed as a tax deduction by both employees and self-employed people.

Lump sum payout for heart attack, cancer or stroke with no waiting period

If you are diagnosed with one of the three common critical illnesses, Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack (as specifically defined in the PDS), we will waive the waiting period and provide you with a lump sum payout equivalent to three months benefit with no waiting period (for Sickness & Injury cover only).

Monthly benefit paid for up to 5 years

Benefit payments, for all valid claims, are made monthly so long as you meet the claim requirements, with the first payment starting 15 days after the waiting period ends, helping you better manage your expenses.

24 hour worldwide cover

The policy provides you with cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide, with the exception of countries where the Australian government has advised against travel to that country.

30-day cooling-off period

So you can make sure the policy is right for you.

Simple and easy application process – online or phone

* Essentials cover can pay a monthly benefit while you are disabled solely due to sickness or injury and you are unable to work in any occupation and unable to perform at least three of the defined regular daily activities. The Return to work benefit and Reducing income feature do not apply. Maximum cover amount is $3,000 per month.

+ This is a summary of the benefits only. Terms and conditions apply. For full details please refer to the Ezicover Income Protection Product Disclosure Statement.

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