Chunky sundried tomato and parmesan dip

Fans of delicious dips will love this home-made delight. Dig in!

Recipe and image from the Diary Kitchen.


1/2 cup (80g) semi sundried tomatoes
1/2 cup loosely packed flat-leaf parsley
2 tablespoons raw almonds
40g parmesan cheese, cut in small chunks
100g cream cheese, softened


  1. Place tomatoes, parsley, almonds and parmesan in the bowl of a food processor and blitz to a chunky paste. 
  2. Add cream cheese and pulse to combine.
  3. Serve with vegetable crudités or as a spread for sandwiches.


Try substituting the semi sun dried tomatoes for roasted red capsicum. The flavour of this dip will intensify with standing, so try making it a few hours before serving.