Cucumber & mint yoghurt dip

Growing up in an Iranian household, a bowl of natural yoghurt was always on the dinner table. We’d dip bread in it, add a dollop to our rice dishes, or just scoop it up plain. To this day, Mahsa still loves to add natural yoghurt to anything and everything. And I mean everything. Pasta, burritos, pizza, salads, anything!

Recipe and image by: Maman's Kitchen 


2 medium cucumbers, peeled
500ml Greek-style yoghurt
1tbs mint flakes
Salt & pepper


1. Dice cucumbers into very small, fine pieces. A faster alternative is to grate the cucumbers, then squeeze out any excess moisture with your hands.
2. Combine yoghurt, cucumber and mint flakes in a bowl. Mix well.
3. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
4. Serve with warm lebanese or pita bread, or as an accompaniment to any rice dish.

Maman’s Kitchen

Maman's Kitchen is a place where Persian-inspired recipes and stories are passed down from a Persian mother to her daughter. Mahsa is the voice behind the blog. Maman likes to dance, Persian-style, when everyone is looking; to serve you fruit and tea the moment you walk through the front door, never taking “no” for an answer; and to “Persianise” everything. Each week, Mahsa and her Mum get together to create one or two of her traditional recipes.