Low-sugar Açai breakfast bowl

This is the new breakfast craze found in hip cafes (without all the excess sugar). Try it today! 


1 x 100g Sambazon frozen Unsweetened Açai Pack
1 cup frozen chopped zucchini *
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup protein powder (use one that's naturally sweetened with stevia - I used Prana plant-based protein powder) **
3/4 cup water

Toasted coconut flakes
Activated buckwheat groats


1. Run the frozen Açai Pack under hot water for a few seconds, break it into pieces and place in a high-speed blender with the remaining ingredients. Process until smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into a bowl and sprinkle over your desired toppings. Enjoy straight away!


* Chop the zucchini before freezing it so your blender doesn't have to work as hard to break it down. I chop raw zucchini up into 2cm chunks and then freeze it in ziplock or freezer bags with the zucchini pieces spread out a bit so that they don't freeze stuck together in large clumps. Then you can just break off bits as you need them.

** The Prana plant-based protein powders are natural and only sweetened with stevia. I used the Himalayan Salted Caramel flavour, but the Vanilla or Chocolate flavours would also work well.