The benefits of Retirement Village living

Retirement Village living in Australia is expected to grow almost threefold over the next four decades. Today there are about 1,850 retirement villages in Australia, accommodating around 138,000 people around the country.

So why are these villages attracting mature Australians in such great numbers? The benefits are plenty and here we've rounded up a list of reasons why you should consider Retirement Village living:

  1. Community 
  2. Lifestyle & Convenience
  3. Flexibility
  4. Affordability & Efficiency

In a world where people are living alone more or having to move away from family and friends for economic reasons, Retirement Village life will help you feel that you are part of a real community, something that is often lost in today’s world. You can not underestimate the benefits of living among a community of like-minded Australians, at a similar stage of life. You may share similar values and history, enjoying the social contact, interaction, relaxation, companionship and physical and emotional security that it provides.

Lifestyle and convenience
Most retirement villages offer a range of shared common areas and facilities and relatively low maintenance homes and gardens that you can “lock and leave” if you want to travel. Many are geographically situated in desirable locations and are close to appropriate amenities and services.

Retirement village living offers flexible services. Most retirement villages offer independent living units (ILUs), which are sometimes called self-care units or apartments, and provide a range of general services for the benefit of all residents. Many also offer additional services, sometimes including personal care, on an “as required” and “pay as you go” basis. So as your needs change, the services you receive can be adjusted accordingly. While there are lots of familiar, friendly faces, community facilities and things to do, it’s completely up to you how involved in the community you want to be. Your privacy will always be respected.

Affordability & Efficiency
Yet another benefit of retirement village living is the affordability. This lifestyle can provide an economic, yet very high quality standard of living. Facilities and services can be provided to a community more efficiently than they can be provided to separate individuals, making living in a village more accessible to the average Australian through lower costs and charges.

So many Australians have discovered the myriad benefits of Retirement Village living. As you progress through life and health, happiness and relaxation become a priority and life in a  retirement village may be the right solution for you. With the perfect combination of extra support, and privacy in an idyllic residence that encourages independence as well as the ability to enjoy social and leisure activities. 

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