Bizarre movie facts that will blow your mind

In this day and age, filmmakers have trained us to keep a watchful eye for cheeky references and jokes that they managed to sneak into their movies. While they serve absolutely no purpose, it gives the viewers a fun challenge to take part in.

But as we give ourselves a pat on the back for the ability to discover their sneaky tactics, the truth is, some of your favourite movies have secrets that go beyond the realm of silly jokes – and chances are, you weren’t aware of these facts till now. 

Scroll through the gallery above to read the top 5 weirdest movie facts.

Do you know any other strange movie facts that we should know about?

Scroll through the gallery to read the top 5 weirdest movie facts.

By Basmah Qazi.


Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho had to be released in black and white due to growing backlash about the shower scene being too gruesome.

Gone With the Wind

The burning-of-Atlanta scene in Gone With the Wind was really just old sets found on the MGM lot being set on fire.

Jurassic Park

Everyone has watched Jurassic Park at some point in their lives, and you’ll be surprised to know that the sound of the velociraptors communicating with one another, is really the sound of tortoises mating.

The Omen

In 1976’s The Omen, Gregory Peck used the role to help him work out his own “personal demons” as his son had committed suicide right before he auditioned.


O.J. Simpson was considered to play the Terminator before Arnold Schwarzenegger, but filmmaker James Cameron thought his personality was far “too pleasant” to portray such a dark character.