Award-winning Dutch violinist André Rieu has recently passed an extraordinary milestone as a recorded music artist, now boasting over 500 Platinum Awards to his name – thought to be more than any other classical artist in recorded music history.

The world-renowned musician and orchestra leader remains one of today’s most prolific and productive artists, recording both on the road, and in his purpose-built studio in Maastricht – his home town, in The Netherlands.

In addition, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Maestro Rieu founding his Johann Strauss Orchestra. Formed in 1987, the waltz-playing orchestra gave its first concert on New Year’s Day the following year, and now regularly perform up to 100 shows a year, including their annual summer residency in Maastricht.

This year's 30th anniversary concerts also featured the surprise appearance of 80s icon David Hasselhoff as special guest singer.

As the orchestra struck-up the theme to Knight Rider, out stepped “The Hoff” to join the party and sing 'Looking For Freedom', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Paloma Blanca'.

The inspiration behind Rieu’s music and orchestra, Johann Strauss II’s 'The Blue Danube' waltz, itself celebrates 150 years this year, and remains one of the most popular pieces of classical music ever written.

“My heart continues to beat in 3-4 time for Strauss’s music and my beloved orchestra,” says Rieu. “As long as there is music in this world, we can continue to hope for happiness, love, and the chance of peace.”

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