Kingdom of the Strong by Tony Cavanaugh is a great choice for your next read if you love a local whodunit.

Why read it?
If you want to escape from reality by walking along a tightrope of fear, cruelty and every form of evil known to man and are prepared to be plunged from one nightmare to another as you open each new chapter then you don’t need to look any further than this clever and gripping mystery.

What’s the story?
Within minutes our tight laid back anti hero has revealed what has talked him into leaving the quiet restful landscape of the Great Lakes of Northern New South Wales and to return as the top Homicide Cop in Melbourne which he had walked out on four years before.

He has to find a killer in an unsolved twenty year old crime. It would only take one month.

Kingdom -of -the -strong -book -cover
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He could work with the fiery and beautiful Maria who could search and find missing papers and missing people quicker than anyone else he knew, and Isosceles the computer geek who could make even twenty year old technology sing. He knew that there had been very rich and powerful business czars and too many police who had been suspects. They had all escaped unscathed from the enquiry. He couldn’t resist it.

Cavanaugh is easy to read. Clear, uncomplicated language, short sharp sentences and brief chapters which tear away one awful doubt to reveal another which is more bedevilled. He uses the beauty and excitement and sleaze of Melbourne with easy fluency and paints compelling scenarios which carry you into the space as the story unfolds. He plays with tension and makes the unbelievable become real.

Ian’s final verdict
You may flinch at the blows to your mind and to your heart but you will enjoy a story well told.

Read a free extract of the book here.

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