All That is Lost Between Us was written by the Australian author Sara Foster and is set in the Lake District in the UK. It's an edge of your seat spine-chiller!

All That is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster is a fantastic read, though it’s not for the faint hearted. This psychological thriller had me biting my nails and reading under a bright light!

What’s the story?
It is set in autumn in the gloriously beautiful, though occasionally dangerous, Lake District in the UK. Throughout the prologue we’re gifted cleverly created word pictures such as, “White clouds could drop deep shadows into the greenest valley, while their darker storm cousins could turn the entire scene grey and violent in seconds.” It is a descriptive echo of things to come!

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The Lake District, the setting of Foster's book (Photo © Nick Thorne)

The characters
The family, Anya and Callum and their teenage children, Georgia and Zac, appear to be a relatively normal family, although we’re made aware early on that there are some unknown tensions.

Anya, the psychologist at the children’s school, is fulfilled caring for her family and for the emotional wellbeing of the students at the school. Although Callum is discontented with his day job in electrical engineering, his fulfilment is achieved through his voluntary position as leader of the Ambleside Mountain Rescue Depot. Many tourists find themselves lost on Lakeland walks when the weather turns nasty and are eternally grateful for the help of the mountain rescue team.

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Georgia is the local fell-running champion who’s in training hoping to win her third championship in a row. Fell-running is a dangerous competitive sport where they run through mountainous terrain negotiating rocky summits, banks and even waterfalls. The runs can take hours, sometimes even days.

“When she was running it was the lush colours and patterns she noticed most – the emerald moss. . . the crowds of ferns with their intricate tips curled into themselves as tightly as the fists of new born babies.”

Zac, the younger sibling, is the one who discovers Georgia’s secret and sets the ball rolling for the psychological rollercoaster to come.

At times the tension makes it almost unbearable to turn the page.

Pat’s final verdict
This is a fantastic read. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who will enjoy reading an exciting mystery with intriguing characters.

About the Author

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Sara Foster is the critically acclaimed author of three bestselling psychological suspense novels. Come Back to Me was published in Australia in 2010. Her second book, Beneath the Shadows, rights were sold in the USA and Germany. Shallow Breath, Sara’s latest release was honoured with a Davitt Award. Sara lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her husband and two young daughters.


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