Looking for a light-hearted read for the summer holidays or a fun book-club choice? Give this a whirl!

‘A great choice for readers of Hester Browne, Harriet Evans or Jojo Moyes.’ Booklist

Don’t Get Me Wrong by Marianne Kavanagh is a fascinating sisterly saga.

Okay, so it is a decidedly frothy read but sometimes that is just what you need – particularly when the weather turns warm and you are looking for a great paperback to read by the pool.

‘Surprising and fresh…all the intelligence and wit of a Richard Curtis romantic comedy.’ Kirkus

The characters: The sisters, Eva and Kim, whose personalities couldn’t be more different, are the products of an unworkable union, so that they’ve been left largely to bring themselves up. Their young lives are far from normal. Harry is a ‘posh sort’ who mixes with people on all levels of society and is in an integral part of these women’s lives. This fun novel with a twist is mostly set in London.

'Marianne Kavanagh’s debut is a glorious, heart-warming romance…. a read that is utterly compelling and page-turning' – We Love This Book

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Why read it?: There are some marvellous pictures depicted of some of the subsidiary characters. It’s fascinating to meet people at Tommy’s Gym which is in a really tough area in South East London. Here Harry spends time working out in his favourite sport boxing. In the gym, he meets people diametrically opposite from those he deals with during the day and we see the exposure of his sensitive caring side. Grace, the girls’ mother, who pops in and out of the story is the deliciously delightfully ghastly mother from hell – a real caricature!

This is a tale of coping with adversities, a tale of love and loss and ultimately of acceptance. Unashamedly, a light-hearted paperback. 

‘Kavanagh writes a truthful portrayal of sisterhood as a state of strong love, unrelenting forgiveness and acceptance and Kim and Eva’s story is heartbreakingly poignant.’ We Love This Book

Who will enjoy it most?: Women who have negotiated the wonderful blessing (and sometimes complex difficult moments) of having sisters. This fun read will make you forget about your own problems in a jiffy!

‘Kavanagh gives the reader plenty of humour…Her descriptive prose is wonderful.’ BookMooch

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About the author: Marianne Kavanagh is a former deputy editor of Marie Claire and has contributed to a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and websites, including the Telegraph, Guardian, and Red. Her debut novel, For Once in My Life, was published in 2014. She lives in London.

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