Koby Abberton was sensationally caught out cheating during a challenge on Wednesday night’s episode of SAS Australia.

The 42-year-old was one of Sydney’s most notorious ‘Bra Boys’, did only 15 push-ups during an assault course when he was instructed to do 30. This was discovered after watching the footage back later.

Initially, he denied any wrongdoing in front of the rest of the recruits, chief instructor Ant Middleton later pulled Koby into his office and showed him the evidence.

“I’m going to ask you a simple question, do you think we’re c**ts? We’re certainly not c**ts so please don’t treat us like one”.

“What I’ve got on this laptop is so blatant, that your integrity has come into question with us”.

After Koby was shown the footage, he still denied that he had meant to cheat, replying “I didn’t mean it. No way. I just wouldn’t have cheated that much. But the evidence is there and I’ll take full responsibility”.

He went on to tell the rest of the recruits they were all set to be ‘tortured’ later that evening because of his failure to complete 15 more reps.

“That’s a lot. That’s not like a mental blank, that’s a complete f**k up. I’ve had enough of Koby” ironman Jett Kenny said to fellow celebrities.

Earlier in the day, recruits were asked to rank themselves from most to least strongest to see who would first go on the assault course in question. Koby ranked himself as the strongest, running to the front behind Jett.

“I’m a confident man. I’m good-looking, strong. I’m in this fit stage, I’m walking around with a six-pack all ripped and feeling great,” Koby confidently announced.

After finishing the course, he looked over to Jett and said: “How did you go? I smashed that one. Did you smash it?”

Upon being caught out, Koby later made a second announcement to the recruits – which left many rolling their eyes in shock.

“I feel pretty bad about this whole situation, but I want you to know – they’re basing my whole integrity on 15 push-ups in front of a camera,” he said.

“I promise I can do as many push-ups as all of you together. I just f**ked up, I counted wrong and I didn’t keep counting. I didn’t mean to do that, but I promise I did that faster than every one of you”.

“Especially you, yeah?” he added, pointing at Jett.

It was later revealed that Ant and the DS team didn’t punish any of the recruits for Koby’s actions, because ‘sometimes the threat of torture’ is just as bad.

Image: Channel 7

This article first appeared on Over60.