A couple can pack a lot of memories into four decades of marriage. For Ruth and Alex Carver, played by Academy Award-winners Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman, those memories are reflected in the apartment they have owned in Brooklyn for the past forty years.

“It’s really a human interest story,” says Morgan Freeman. “People who are married all of that time, of course they love each other, so it’s not a suspenseful, rolling-around-in-bed kind of love story. It’s about people keeping things on the low ebb, instead of too much sturm and drang.”

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5 Flights Up follows a dynamic duo that must decide whether or not to sell their Brooklyn apartment.

The couple contend with eccentric open house guests, their pushy realtor niece, and the health of their beloved family dog — all while navigating a New York on edge from what turns out to be a media-generated frenzy.

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This often humorous, delicately constructed and poignant film is based on the novel Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment, which was hailed by Oprah and praised by the Los Angeles Times as “a brave, generous, nearly perfect novel.”

5 Flights Up is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital from December 16.

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