Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull have been the subject of savage comments during their incredibly short stint on the newest season of The Block, with even Scott Cam making his feelings known about the pair.

The influencer and former AFL star left the show’s Gisbourne set after just two days amid reports they flew to Adelaide to care for Patfull’s mother after a fall.

Though they appeared ready to take on the challenges ahead during the show’s first episode, one fellow contestant had plenty of criticism.

Sarah-Jane, who is competing with her husband Tom, said she recognised Ferguson “straight away”.

“She’s already famous, she’s got 600,000 followers on Instagram, she’s got s**tloads of money, why are they here?” she fumed to producers.

In a pre-show interview, the mother-of-one had plenty to say about influencers such as Ferguson.

“Social influencers … Some I respect obviously,” she began.

“Some make a huge career out of it! Look at your Kim Kardashians and your Rozalia Russians and people like that … Bec Judd! Good on them. But people who just go on shows to (boost their) social media, I don’t have time for that s**t. Like, don’t waste my time.”

Block host Scott Cam also shared his thoughts on the pair through veiled digs in voiceovers throughout episode one.

In one, he described Ferguson as a “self-confessed global influencer and beauty entrepreneur”, referring to the couple as “Bondi babes” in another instance.

Cam’s comments in the episode come after he suggested in several interviews that Ferguson and Patfull left the show within 48 hours of arriving because they weren’t up to the challenge, and not because of Patfull’s mother’s ill-health.

The reality show host has sledged the pair for leaving so soon, calling it “p*ss poor” and “unAustralian” behaviour, telling in the lead-up to the premiere that they left in the middle of the night with “no explanation”.

“They didn’t give us a reason why they were leaving. They never mentioned anything to us about visiting their sick mother,” Scott said.

His shock at their exit has also featured in promos for episode two.

The first episode also saw Ferguson appearing to find some aspects of the competition difficult, admitting that “it was a little intimidating” walking into the building site of House Three.

“It was a demolition site, and when I say demolition site, you couldn’t see the ground,” she said.

After the first night, she told producers: “I did think someone was going to come and maybe say here’s a heater … but no … it was fresh.”

Image: Nine

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