Snoop Dogg has thrown an unexpected gathering for the rich and famous while celebrating backstage on the Melbourne leg of his Australian tour.

The 51-year-old rapper took to Instagram to immortalise the moment, and to offer his fans a glimpse at what really went on when the show left the stage at Rod Laver Arena.

Snoop’s picture sees him sat in front of a table, drink in hand, with a famous face on either side of him – English singer songwriter Ed Sheeran, who is also touring Australia, and actor Russell Crowe. Snoop gave the latter guest a nod with his caption, asking his fans “R U NOT ENTERTAINED?!?”


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While a gift bag obscured most of what was on the table between them, many eagle-eyed fans were quick to note the various spirit bottles and rolled cigarettes, but for most, the delight at seeing the trio together was all that mattered.

“There is so much perfection in this photo,” gushed one fan, “this is a trio we didn’t know we needed!”

“UK, US and New Zealand in the same room!” wrote another.

“I wanna become famous so I can be in a room where I turn my head and see Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran and Russel Crowe sitting on the same couch,” mused one, “seems like it would be an interesting place to be.”

As well as the post to his feed, Snoop shared two videos of the gathering to his stories, in which he can be seen ‘welcoming’ Sheeran to his label, Death Row, and fastening a gold chain around the singer’s neck. Sheeran is sporting the very same necklace in Snoop’s photo.

Sheeran later took to Instagram himself to share a photo with the rapper, assuring fans he’d “had a very good time at the party”.


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And while some fans were thoroughly entertained with the sight and state of the two partygoers, others had a new business venture in mind for the pair, following on from Sheeran’s ‘welcome’ to the label.

“It’s impossible not to have a good time when your hanging with Snoop,” one declared, before requesting a “new collab for the people please”.

“Ed we need this collab,” came the agreement of one dedicated fan account.

“This collab would be legendary,” agreed another.

And, as one fan summed it up for everyone, “Australia is the place to be atm [at the moment]!”

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