Venturing into a world he describes as utterly unlike our own, Sir David Attenborough along with a team of the world’s leading scientists, take viewers on a quest into the realm of living light.

Sir David Attenborough will be our guide as we venture into a new hitherto unseen world. The soil beneath our feet glows. The threads of fungi create a light-emitting matrix in the damp dark earth. A radiant network that can stretch kilometres! The simplest creatures on earth talk to each other using their own living lights (and have been doing so for billions of years).

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Enter into the unknown universe of the dark deep sea where the only illumination is living light

The spectacular and magical light produced by glow worms, fire flies and luminous plankton is what most of us know as bioluminescence – light made by living things.

But those familiar glows and flashes are just a tiny, easily observed fragment of a previously unexplored, mysterious realm.

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Discover weird and wonderful creatures that hunt, mate and even hide using light!

David Attenborough: Life That Glows comes to Blu-ray and DVD from July 6.

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