Starring Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), The Frankenstein Chronicles is a thrilling and terrifying reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel that follows a detective investigating a series of horrific experiments.

London, 1827: when a mutilated corpse is discovered by the edge of the River Thames, Inspector John Marlott sets off on a hunt for the most deranged of killers, which takes him to the darkest corners of Georgian London – an underworld of prostitution, drug smuggling, bodysnatching and murder for profit.

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This British TV series is an adaptation of the classic gothic novel

But as his investigation deepens, only one thing is for certain: an evil which defies reason is at work, attempting to reanimate the dead.

Sean Bean, who plays the protagonist Inspector John Marlott, says his character is on a journey where he’s thrown straight into mayhem.

“He’s on his own because nobody’s really helping him; whether they’ve got things to hide or not. Marlott suspects in time that there is a lot more behind this crime than just a couple of individuals; that it goes much higher in the establishment. Which is quite topical considering it’s happening now to some extent in the establishment in the House of Lords.”

“He is a thinker. . . very much a loner. He lost his wife and his child when she was very young, which is something that always weighs him down and saddens him. He’s trying to redeem himself in some way, by trying to get to the bottom of the crime where children that have been mutilated and dismembered and put back together again.”

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Anna Maxwell Martin, Sean Bean and Richie Campbell star in The Frankenstein Chronicles

The Frankenstein Chronicles is available now on digital and available on DVD from June 16.

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