Home and Away star Georgie Parker, has revealed she is leaving the show.

According to a report on Yahoo, Georgie is taking a seven-week break and is set to be off-screen by August 2022.

The actress, who first joined the show in 2010, replacing Justine Clarke as Ruth “Roo” Stewart, will perform in the play Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica.

Georgie said she was lucky that production wrote her out of scripts as she took on different artistic ventures.

“I’m lucky that with or any other TV productions I’ve been involved with, I’ve been very fortunate that I kind of put it out there if it’s going to be long term, that I need time out for plays,’ Georgie told Yahoo.

“Channel Seven has always been very generous with letting me do that. I just get it written into my contract,” she added.

She is one of Australia’s most beloved actresses, having appeared on All Saints and A Country Practice.

The star married her husband, Steve Worland, in 1999 and gave birth to their daughter Holly in 2000.

Georgie told TV week in 2022 that she struggled with juggling her career and being a new mum.

“I got married and became a mum when I won the first Gold Logie,” she said.

“I was split between a lot of things. It was a very stressful time.

“The struggle I had was that I’d never chased that kind of success, so when I got it, I was doing it more because I wanted the show to succeed.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.