Guy and Jules Sebastian have been together for over 20 years, with the pair sharing two sons: Hudson, nine, and Archer, seven.

And despite being together for such a long time, the pair make sure to keep the spark alive by surprising each other.

Jules Sebastian reminisced about Mother’s Day last year with Guy and her two boys.

“Last year was his absolute crescendo of excellence. He recorded a song with the boys in the studio, it was so amazing. Like I just cried and cried,” Jules tells Now To Love in an exclusive chat.

“It was to the tune of Forever Young. They changed the lyrics and they made it all about me. I laughed-cried the whole time.”

She was the first to admit that this was Guy’s best Mother’s Day surprise, as there have been many times where he’s quickly grabbed the boys and run out to the shops in the morning to buy a gift before she wakes.

But topping it off a whole damn song recording? Well, as Jules put it: “There’s no coming back from that!”

Speaking of raising her kids, Jules gushes about her two young boys, saying the experience has completely changed her as a person.

“It’s an absolutely life-changing experience becoming a mother, when you have a baby, everything changes in that moment and all of a sudden you just become fiercely protective of this little person.”

She added: “Motherhood means so many things because it is literally every waking minute of your day you are thinking about somebody else, it’s just how you are as a mum, so you just do it.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.