Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have defended the use of stock imagery and footage, after the couple came under fire for the inclusion of deceitful photos and clips in trailers for their upcoming Netflix documentary.

A source familiar with the making of Harry & Meghan told The Telegraph UK that Harry and Meghan Markle do not have editorial control over what appears in the trailers.

They also said that including stock photos and vision is “standard practice”.

The couple and Netflix were called out for the inclusion of several scenes of paparazzi and press photographers out of context and at events the royal family didn’t attend.

A photo of a horde of photographers taken at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two was one of the sources of controversy, particularly given that it was taken in 2011, years before Harry and Meghan met.

Meanwhile, footage included the documentary’s second trailer was taken outside a court case involving model Katie Price, while other clips were from Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen being photographed in America.

Footage of Diana being hounded by paparazzi and then-Kate Middleton being pursued by press before her wedding were also included.

The source said using such footage and imagery was “standard practice in documentary and trailer production”, countering claims of ‘misinformation’ from viewers.

It comes ahead of the release of the first three episodes of the documentary on Thursday night.

The series is expected to primarily focus on the Sussexes’ relationship with the press and the “challenges” the couple faced when they were “forced” to step back as senior working royals.

Image: Netflix

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