Jimmy Barnes has left viewers sobbing after his emotional tribute to Jock Zonfrillo on The Sunday Project.

The rock legend performed a moving rendition of The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond, accompanied by bagpipes, for fellow Scot Jock Zonfrillo.

The Sunday Project posted a tweet of the tribute with the caption: “The last time Jimmy Barnes sang the traditional Scottish song ‘The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond’ was with his fellow Scot Jock Zonfrillo.

“Tonight, he sings it in tribute to his great mate.”

“I’m still recovering from that whole tribute, simply beautiful and gut wrenchingly sad 😢,” wrote one user in response to the post.

“Beautiful, heartbreaking tribute ending with Jimmy Barnes and Loch Lomond. And the tears flowed … 😭” wrote another.

“I was keeping it together until the bagpipes. Now I’m a mess. Nothing but love to the ones that he loved and that loved him. Going to miss you Jock Zonfrillo,” commented a third.

“Oh my! Tears rolling. Vale Jock . Love to fellow MasterChef fans. Hugs to his family,” wrote a fourth.

“’F***ing hell. Now Jimmy Barnes is making me cry again,” another user tweeted.

The Scottish-Australian chef passed away on Monday, May 1, his sudden death shocking the culinary and entertainment world.

Image: Network 10, The Project

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