Lisa Wilkinson has once again been blasted, but this time it was over her speech she gave while quitting The Project.

It was on Sunday night’s show when she announced she was stepping down, after a tough six months.

Australian media commentator, Sophie Elsworth has accused Wilkinson of “playing the victim”, claiming that most of the attacks coming from the media were “her own doing”.

This includes delaying the trial of Brittany Higgins alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann, due to her problematic Logies acceptance speech.

The trial was scheduled for June 27, but in the aftermath of the acceptance speech, the judge had made the decision to delay the high-profile case ruling it would be “unfair” to go on among public commentary surrounding the case.

“Lisa Wilkinson, in typical fashion, made it all about her and plays the victim,” Ms Elsworth told Sky News‘ Chris Kenny on Monday night.

“She made headlines back in June for that speech we know she gave at the Logies that was problematic, so that’s why she predominantly made a lot of headlines.

But she took last night’s exit from The Project to slam the media on the way out.”

Kenny said Wilkinson’s leaving message was “bizarre”, and said she appeared to be “blaming other media for her errors”.

“She’s very good at playing the victim, and she did this very well last night,” Ms Elsworth added.

“All her fans say how shocking the media has treated her, but I must say a lot of it has been caused by her own doing.”

Wilkinson has been on Aussie screens for over 20 years and even signed a deal with Ten for a huge $1.7 million per year in 2018. However, her appearance on the show has done little to stop rapidly declining ratings.

Images: Sky News / The Project

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