Jimmy Barnes has received an Honorary Doctorate for his distinguished service to the community.

The legendary rock singer, who left school at 16 to join Cold Chisel as lead singer, was humbled when he accepted the award from the University of South Australia.

The 66-year-old shared heartwarming photos to his Instagram with his family, and included a short snippet of his acceptance speech.

“I am both humbled and proud to be receiving an Honorary Doctorate awarded to me by the @universitysa,” his caption read.

“What an Honour. The magnitude of this occasion has only just sunk in. You can see I can’t stop smiling.”

In his short snippet video, Jimmy thanked the university for the honour and said everyone is capable of achieving their goals.

“Congratulations to each  and every one of you guys,” he said.

“The Honours we receive today recognise what we are capable of achieving when you refuse to let anyone’s limitations stop you.

“You continue to strive for that kind of honour in everything that you do in the year’s ahead.

“And finally thank you to the University of South Australia for granting me this honour.”

Images: Instagram

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