Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was shocked when he came face-to-face with another man’s “generous package” on live television.

The Labor leader appeared on a Telethon segment on the Seven Network to raise money for sick children.

He was then joined on stage by 76-year-old John Bradley who was dressed in a neon green mankini – similar to the one made famous by Borat.

Mr Bradley, who was egged on by his son-in-law to wear the mankini in front of the prime minister, walked over to Mr Albanese and handed him a $10,000 cheque.

The cheque was accepted by Mr Albanese who then jokingly used it to cover Mr Bradley’s private parts.

“I would have thought that next year, you could get more money for Telethon by promising to have no one in a mankini,” Mr Albanese said.

“And I’d suggest that would be an appropriate response. I myself thought that the Telethon pyjamas that young Emily and young Ari encouraged me to wear as a top, were enough.

“I saw it — I can’t unsee it.”

Mr Bradley’s son-in-law donated $15,000 after going ahead with the bet.

Overall, a huge $6 million was raised for sick children.

Image: Channel 7

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