Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr has spoken candidly about the personal impact social media trolling has had on her.

Barr was among the guests at the 9th Annual Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Awards held at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday. She shared how “dangerous” social media attacks over a particular segment of the breakfast show had affected her.

“I have had to turn off notifications on Twitter,” she said during a panel discussion.

“I cried, I went into a corner, then I thought, ‘I’m strong but what about the poor 15-year-old girl in the school yard? How does she cope with this?’.”

Barr replaced Samantha Armytage as a Sunrise host in March, and now works alongside broadcaster David “Kochie” Koch.

In June, Armytage penned an eyebrow-raising tweet claiming Barr had wanted her job for a long time before she made her shock departure.

“Look.. I’m out. Nat’s wanted the job, forever.. & she’s finally got it,” Armytage tweeted. “She just needs to get on & enjoy it – & forget about me.. (even though I’m unforgettable 😜😂😂😂.)”

The tweet came shortly after Barr spoke to The Australian Women’s Weekly about her relationship with Armytage, saying they didn’t have much in common outside of work, and sparking rumours of a feud between them.

“We got along very well in the office, for sure,” Barr said.

“But the truth is we didn’t really see each other outside the office. We had vastly different lives, I guess. We were in different places. She was hanging with her friends, and I was spending time with my family. So, yes, we were in different places.”

The rumours had previously gained traction after Koch revealed that he and Barr were not invited to Armytage’s farewell lunch.

She later unfollowed her Sunrise colleagues on Instagram.

Image: @natalie_barr7 (Instagram)

This article first appeared on Over60.