An awkward exchange between Tracy Grimshaw and her rumoured A Current Affair replacement has been caught on camera and immediately went viral on social media.

The media veteran bid an emotional farewell to ACA after 17 years of hosting. Of course, Channel 9 staff delivered a standing ovation after she signed off for the last time.

However, the clip shows a very awkward exchange between Grimshaw and current Today co-host Allison Langdon.

After hugging several other staffers, Grimshaw approaches Langdon, who has her arms outstretched ready for an embrace. Instead of acknowledging this, Grimshaw instead walks right past her, appearing to slightly shake her head before leaning in for a hug with a male colleague.

The clip immediately attracted thousands of likes, comments and shares. “I’m actually second hand embarrassed for that lady,” one person wrote, while another added they “need to know the drama” behind the exchange.

“In front of at LEAST 50 people as well,” another commented, while one TikTok user said it was proof “Allison is definitely taking her place!”

Langdon and Stefanovic weighed in on the “snub” on Today describing the situation as “brutal” but explaining that there was a “reason” behind the apparent brush off.

The pair revealed they had “managed to secure some never-before-seen footage from another angle of the shock snub”, with the new clip showing the excruciating moment in even clearer detail.

“That’s the moment my heart breaks,” Langdon said.

“Look how red my face is. I just got brushed. I don’t think Tracy knows who I am.”

Stefanovic joked Langdon “didn’t have much sleep last night”, with his co-host teasing that she was “devastated” after being “brushed” by her “hero”.

They went on to share a statement from Grimshaw herself clearing up the incident, with her confirming it had been a big misunderstanding: “I’m sorry I missed you, was so overwhelmed and obviously didn’t see your petite head once Karl’s big boofhead loomed into vision. Argh, big sorry x’’ the statement said.

Langdon said she had accepted the apology and the Today co-hosts joked about it being “one of the greatest snubs in Australian television”.

“Anyway, apology accepted Trace. It was a very big night. It was a beautiful night to be part of. I have decided I still love her,” Langdon said.

Images: TikTok

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