Comedian and morning radio show host Mick Molloy has opened up about the two worst celebrities he has ever interviewed during an interview on’s I’ve Got News For You podcast. The first celebrity to receive the “worst” crown by Molloy was singer Shania Twain.

“I’m gonna be fair here, I don’t know whether it was entirely her or the three women who were in her corner sitting inside the studio while we were interviewing her,” Molloy said.

In the interview that included Molloy’s former radio co-host, Tony Martin, Molloy told, “They were rolling their eyes and guffawing at every question me and Tony asked at the time.”

Molloy shared Twain’s handlers kept interrupting during the interview and telling the two hosts, “You can’t ask her that,” which proved to be frustrating for the pair as they were only asking about things that appeared on a document given to them by Twain’s handlers.

“We said to them, but it’s in the press release! I’ve got your press release! We are reading from the press release!” Molloy said.

“It was uncomfortable; it was awful,” he said about the interview.

The second celeb to be named and shamed on the I’ve Got News For You podcast was Irish comedian Dylan Moran, best known for the comedy series Black Books.

“It was me and Jane Kennedy, and he came in and he just didn’t want to be interviewed,” Molloy said, in reference to Moran.

Molloy also said that Moran had issues with the first question they asked him in the interview, which was about the beginning of his comedy career.

“So, you’ve been a stand-up since ’92,” Molloy said in the interview, to which Moran replied: “Can I just say, you love dates in here and talking about how long ago things started. It’s really depressing. Can you cut this sh*t out right now.”

Looking back on the interview, the Triple M star said, “He was absolutely just not interested and rude.”

On the podcast he also shared his two favourite celebrity interviews, Sting, and Jason Alexander who played George in Seinfield.

“Sting turned up on his own, he came into the studio, he did the interview and then sat around for about half an hour just chatting to us about stuff,” Molloy said. “The whole time he was there, I never saw any ounce of affectation.”

In terms of Jason Alexander, Molloy shared he got to spend a fair bit of time with him while he was in Australia, describing him as “one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever met”.

“He’s so naturally funny, so brilliant with people,” Molloy said. “He couldn’t have dinner in a restaurant without eight people coming up to his table and he was a gentleman the whole time.”

Mick Molloy’s new radio show, Mick and MG in the Morning, will be airing on 104.9 Triple M Sydney from 6-9 am weekdays.

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