Jock Zonfrillo’s widow, Lauren Fried has opened up about her grief for the first time, one month after the MasterChef judge’s death.

Lauren shared an emotional message to Jock’s Instagram on Sunday night, where she spoke about her grief and thanked fans for their “overwhelming” outpouring of support.

“It’s been a month since we lost Jock, and I put a line in the sand thinking that at the one month mark, I would turn some sort of a corner,” she said.

“Obviously that hasn’t happened.”

The video, which was shared to over 395,000 of Jock’s followers, has been viewed by over 300,000 people, and Lauren took the time to thank fans in her message.

“There’s no time that I could allocate to say thank you to everyone. I’m just overwhelmed by the messages that came in from people all over the world,” she said.

“I really wish that he knew how loved he was, that he knew the impact he had on so many people,” she added.

Lauren also revealed that Jock had various projects that he’d “worked hard” on, for his social media, and asked whether it would be appropriate to share these projects.

“He had behind the scenes photos and interviews from MasterChef, books, a fashion range, he’s got spirits ageing in a distillery in Tassie,” Lauren explained.

“He’s got a TV show he filmed in Italy last year with the family,” she added before explaining that going forward, if she is hesitant about what to post, she will ask fans for their opinions by posting polls on his social media.

Friends and fans took to their comments to share their support for Lauren.

“Love Jock, love you and love the family xxx,” commented fellow MasterChef judge, Andy Allen.

“Loz lovely, follow your heart ❤️ and anything you decide will be supported by his friends, family and fans. You were a super couple and all that hard work whether you decide to share it or not will be treasured forever. Sending you lots of love to you and your beautiful family,” commented former MasterChef contestant, Keyma Vasquez.

“Look after yourself Loz. Do things in your own time. Grief has no rules,” wrote one fan.

“Lots of love and hugs for you. I would love to see more of what he did, if it’s not too much for you emotionally. He was such an inspiration for everyone struggling with mental health issues,” commented another fan.

Lauren’s message comes a month after Jock’s eldest daughter, Ava Zonfrillo, shared an emotional tribute to her dad.

Images: Instagram

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