As this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has come to a close with the winner announced, host Julia Morris has opened up about the feud between Domenica Calarco and Kerri-Anne Kennerley that went viral online.

She appeared on the Will & Woody radio show hosted by Will McMahon and recently eliminated jungle-goer Woody Whitelaw, where she confirmed reports that Domenica called Kerri-Anne a “c**t” and said she was shocked things had escalated to that level.

“We have definitely never experienced a fight in front of us like that,” she explained.

“Oftentimes over the years if people are disgruntled they never bring it to trial, they never bring it in a space where there is Chris [Brown] and I. Because oftentimes, that is a live window into Australia and everybody knows that this is their moment to behave or to get their side of the story out, all that sort of stuff.

“The C-bomb absolutely came out, but honestly from where Chris and I were standing I could see both sides of the frustration.”

Morris also revealed why the full extent of the fight and the explicit language used didn’t make it on air.

“Look, it’s really weird with something like that,” she said. “We are a children’s show essentially, maybe not a kid’s show but it is a show that kids are watching with their families.

“We are never, ever, ever – even with bleeping – going to have that language go to air, ever. Why would we? It’s unacceptable, and Dom also accepts that it was unacceptable.”

She added, “In the heat of the moment I don’t think either women were articulating what they thought. So when they both came away they both definitely told a slightly different story, but I honestly think it was their truth, both of them.”

Morris’ comments come after Dom opened up about the feud herself, and shortly after Ian “Dicko” Dickinson weighed in on KAK’s abrupt exit.

“The thing about being in the jungle is that you have to be selfless,” she shared. “It’s not just about you, you have to go in as a team player.

“And I think it just got to a point where I was frustrated that she wouldn’t even try and I just was like, ‘Why are you even here bro?’. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t enjoy camp life and eat the food that we’re scavenging for and then come to trials and say you’re not going to do it.”

Dom added that she knew the Australian public would consistently vote Kerri-Anne into trials for entertainment value, so she felt like it was important to call out her lack of effort.

“It happened the way it happened, and look, I’m not proud of the language that was used, but I still stand by everything and the messaging behind it because that’s how I truly felt, and I still feel that way,” she remarked. “I would have just, I guess, articulated myself in a better way, but in the heat of the moment when you’re starving and you’ve eaten soup for a few nights, it happens.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.